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1、You’re thinking of them right now. Every time you think of love or remember the feeling you’re experiencing, this person comes to your mind. It’s involuntary and you just can’t help yourself. When you think of love, this person pops into your mind even before you realize it.

2、Their voice brings a smile. Every time this person calls you up over the phone, their voice brings a smile on your face. You can’t hold your smile back no matter how hard you try. And their voice sounds so beautiful to your ears!

3、The long goodbyes. You just can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to them. You want to stretch the goodbye for as long as you can. And even when you finally do leave, it’s only with a sad heart that’s racing with passion. [Read: How to tell a special someone that you’re in love with them]

4、Teasing games. Both of you tease each other a lot, and it’s so much fun. You start behaving childishly around this special guy or girl, and you don’t care what others think about your antics.

5、You can’t get enough. You just can’t get enough of this person no matter how long you stay with them or how many hours you spend over the phone. You’re addicted to this person and all you want to do is dream of staring at their face and gazing into their eyes all day and all night!

6、Awkwardness. You feel awkward around your new sweetheart and you don’t know why. You feel nervous and shy, even though you’re comfortable around them and want to be with them. And the first few minutes of every new date feel scary and heart thumping and yet nice and wonderful at the same time. [Read:The perfect time to say ‘I love you’ for the first time]

7、Again and again. A good sign of falling in love is just how badly you want to hear from them. You read their texts over and over again or stare at their facebook page all day. You almost feel like a stalker!

8、You smile like an idiot. And this special person is the reason for all your happiness. You laugh for the silliest things, and you’re on a romantic high. You feel like nothing can wear you out or pull you down because you’re so truly happy in life.

9、You change for them. You can change your lifestyle overnight for them. You can wake up early in the morning or stay up late at night just to meet them or talk to them. You always find a way to make time for them no matter where you are or how busy you are. [Read: 25 real signs he loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

10、You woo them. You don’t mind making a scene or doing something really silly just to please your sweetheart. You’re not embarrassed by public displays of affection. In fact, you may even crave for it just to show off to the world that both of you are now together.

11、You can see the love. He sees her love in her smile and she can see it in his eyes. You can feel your love each time you’re with your new partner. Your affections feel stronger and a lot more intense. [Read: The 12 real signs of true love in a relationship]

12、The tight hugs. You want to hug this person tight, almost to the point where both of you can’t breathe. And yet, you want more!

13、Your patience grows. You’re extremely patient with your new boyfriend or girlfriend when they’re around you. You go out of your way to help them. And as long as they display their love for you, nothing they say or do annoys you.

14、The little butterflies. You feel butterflies in your stomach when someone mentions their name or speaks about them. And you look for any excuse to start talking about this person with your friends. [Read: 36 really sweet and cute things to say to your sweetheart]

15、You miss them. You miss them like crazy when they’re not with you. You feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself and can’t feel whole again until they’re with you again.

16、The intoxicating smell. This is something that’s experienced more by women than men. Your new partner’s smell arouses you, whether it’s the smell of their skin or the smell of the air they breathe out. You just find them irresistible! [Read:7 flirty, naughty texting games to play all night!]

17、They’re so interesting. Your new sweetheart can talk about anything at all, and you still find all their conversations interesting. You just want to know everything about them.

18、You’re self-conscious. You want to look good for your lover. You feel really self conscious and try on several clothes before you meet them because you want to look your best for them.

19、It’s not just physical. You do think they’re really attractive and sexy, but your affection for this person isn’t just skin deep. You actually like them for the person they are on the inside!